Success Stories

TIPS2SUCCEED has conducted two pilot sessions one in the Summer of 2014 and one in the Fall of 2014:

  • 25 students were enrolled, and 19 completed the program
  • 63% of the students are now employed

In future sessions, we plan on working with an evaluator to measure participant growth (in terms of skills, self-efficacy, and self-esteem) throughout the program.

Our students say:

“To anyone considering taking the TIPS2SUCCEED program, DO IT. I was part of the first pilot class and it opened a whole new world for me. I was living paycheck to paycheck, having trouble making ends meet. Now I am finally able to make ends meet. This class not gives you the opportunity to learn the skills you need and employers want, it opens a new industry where you can make a living. If you are in school or have another part time job the hospitality industry is great because of the variety of work hours. Work hard and people will notice. You’re in good hands with Mary, Deanne and Kathy.” – Jesse

“My experience with TIPS2SUCCEED has been nothing but positive. I had been looking for a job for a while but was not taught how to properly go out and look for one. TIPS2SUCCEED helped give me the confidence and tools on how to properly look for a job. I can’t thank this program and the ladies that run this program enough.” – Madeline

Partnering agencies report:

“Sonoma County is fortunate to have a program for transitional age youth that moves quickly from preparing young people for employment, directly into meaningful jobs. Tips2Succeed provides youth tangible professional skills applicable to the hospitality industry and beyond. More than just building resumes, they are building confidence in each person who goes through the program, increasing their capacity to support themselves outside of systems of care.

The quality of the relationships Tips2Succeed has established with local proprietors is reflected in their commitment to hiring youth who have gone through the program. This program exemplifies the qualities that help young people become successful adults: mentorship, teamwork, accountability and personal commitment.

The personal investment of time, energy and expertise shown by the leaders of Tips2Succeed is what makes this program so unique. This is effective, innovative employment training at its best.”

Sincerely, Jessica Strange Operations Manager, VOICES

“We have observed an increased confidence level in our youth. T2S builds confidence through skill-building while also developing our youth’s comfort level with the expectations of the hospitality industry through exposure to the environments and culture of the industry. Their training and support helps breaks a class barrier by enabling our youth to feel more capable and confident about being included in a different segment of the community than what they are accustomed to and also worthy of more skilled, higher paying jobs in the hospitality industry.

T2S stretches our youth beyond their comfort zones and exposes them to many new experiences, which in turn builds their confidence and makes them feel more capable of going through all the steps necessary to get a job and keep it.

The women of T2S go above and beyond to really match youth with employment positions that fit their aptitudes and interests. They help break down barriers to employment and enable our youth to fulfill their AB12 requirements.”

– Shelby Means, TLC Child and Family Services