Your support is a vital piece to the success of this program. There are a number of ways to get involved and demonstrate your commitment to the professional development and advancement of young people in our community. By playing a part in their training and careers, you will play an integral role in the development of a strong, confident and capable staff for your own institutions.

Donate: Each of the youth we serve has the potential to contribute to the future of Sonoma County through the hospitality industry. They need your help to arrive at that exciting tomorrow. Through our work and your generous donations, they can realize their dreams and become productive members of our community. Here is how you can help us meet our goal to serve 40 students in 2015.

  • $ 20,000 covers the cost of training 16 students
  • $ 10,000 covers the cost of training 8 students
  • $ 5,000 covers the cost of training 4 students

Your financial support enables us to administer the programs, help participants find safe and consistent modes of transportation, and purchase program supplies.

In kind donations are also welcome. We are looking for support with a number of projects, so contact us (link to contact page) to learn more about how to donate your time and/or facilities.

Mentor: Participants are looking for mentorship from experienced professionals in the hospitality industry. They may need help preparing for interviews, determining what kind of job is best for them, and navigating their first job after the program ends.

To learn more about donating, sponsoring, or partnering, please contact us.